Wednesday, February 21, 2024

(Zack) Wheat Wednesday: 1920s Universal Toy Oddball Score - SGC Auth!

Today's addition to my Zack Wheat PC is a long, long time coming. I've owned this card for at least half a decade but could not get PSA to slab it. They had their reasons, and I simply disagreed with them. Had I been a more important customer, I truly believe they would have slabbed it originally. So I waited and waited and decided to send it in with my recent maiden voyage on the SGC Train.

Thankfully the folks at SGC are open to recognizing a set featuring numerous Hall of Famers, including the one and only Mr. Wheat. The simple portrait shot of Buck smiling on this circa 1920s Universal Toy offering makes it one of my oddball favorites. It returned as an Authentic and as I believe these all originated as panels, hand-cut Authentic is what these should only be graded as.

I purchased an already slabbed Walter Johnson sometime after the Wheat, and nabbing the Ty Cobb is a goal I hope to one day achieve. That, and a panel with Wheat if I ever stumble upon one.

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