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Friday, August 28, 2009

About Schmidt

(Yeah, I'm late with this. So what, wanna fight about it?)

He's nothing more than a former Dodger at this point, will be a free agent, and will probably retire.

No worries though Jason, if you really want to pitch next year, someone will surely give you a call.

Just don't let them see this summary of your last 3 years:


  1. If someone offers him the veteran's minimum, do you think he would sign? I'm sure a team would sign him if the price was low, and Schmidt still wanted to pitch.

  2. Yeah, I definitely think he would take the minimum, he doesn't seem like the "I'm too proud to admit I'm less than I once was" kind of guy.

    I would be surprised if some team didn't offer him at least a minor league contract/tryout, unless he physically can't pitch. Teams are always looking for pitching, regardless of how good it's been. I could see him not being signed and then getting a contract mid-season too, like Pedro.

    He could really help his chances of getting signed if he'd agree to come out of the bullpen.

    That being said, I wouldn't sign him regardless of price.