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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Clayton Kershaw Makes Some History

Very impressive.

  • 6 HRs allowed this year, and 4 have been hit in Colorado.

  • "The longest single-season streak [15 consecutive starts w/out allowing a HR] for any pitcher since 1992....".

Clayton Kershaw was 4 in 1992.


  1. Very impressive indeed.

    I feel that when Kershaw doesn't loses his control, he is a nightmare for opposing hitters. Even if they put it in play, they don't get great contact with his pitches.

  2. Yeah, but his wildness doesn't even bother me simply because he's 21. Most pitchers, at age 21, are either in college or in the minors.

    He's so filthy, it's pure joy to watch him pitch, especially when he's on top of his game.