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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Joe Torre Can Write?

Joe Torre wrote an article (couldn't find the actual article) back in the early 1970s entitled "How To Hit .300". Now, let me say I'm more than willing to give up offense from the catcher position, and it was the '70s, when logic and sabermetrics hadn't risen to the forefront of baseball analysis, but seriously, the fact that people still value a .300 batting average as a sign of a great offensive player really annoys the hell out of me. And really, it's not that surprising that Torre wrote an article about a meaningless and vastly overrated stat.

So to counter this thought process, I've written a book entitled "How To OBP .400". It's only 1 page long and has one sentence, which reads:


Let's be honest, Joe Torre was and will always be a far superior player than manager, and drawing walks was something he did quite well for a catcher. Maybe he can teach Juan Pierre the value of that thing called a walk.

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  1. It absolutely not agree with the previous phrase