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Monday, August 10, 2009

Links On A Monday Morning

An article by The Argyled One that I don't feel like reading but probably will, what with the name of the blog and all. Oh joy, 10 minutes of my life I'll never get back. [Bill Plaschke]

The LA Times discusses possible options for the Dodgers rotation. [Dodgers' Rotation Future?] Smoltz - sure, why not; Padilla - NO!

Sucking is now classified medically as a "shoulder injury"? [Schmidt DL'd]

Will Chad Billingsley make his start in San Fran on Wednesday? [Billingsley questionable]


  1. The Dodgers should really look into adding Jason Giambi. I mean they need a left-handed pinch hitter, with some power...

  2. Eh, Giambi is actually the type of player Colletti and Torre love, especially Torre - a veteran who played for him and is filled with veterany goodness.

    I'd rather wait until September when the rosters expand and have Andrew Lambo fill that role.

    Plus I don't think Giambi is ready to be just a pinch-hitter. And of course he can't play defense worth a damn.