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Monday, August 24, 2009

Links On A Monday Morning

Tim Brown article. What a douche. [Manny's At Ease As Dodgers Slip]

The latest drivel, I mean article, from the Argyled One. It's about Broxton recently pitching the 8th. I'll let you guess the rest, shouldn't be that hard. Plaschke is actually correct in that it was the right move. Damn when we agree. No worries though, the rest of the article is his typical 300-word slop in 100 one-line paragraphs. [Bullpen Sees A Role Reversal]

Vicente Padilla's first rehab start at AAA Albuquerque. Not sure if I should be happy about this or not. My feelings in the link under this one. [Padilla's 1st Rehab Start]

Free Scott Elbert. [A Movement Begins]

Kissing Suzy Kolber's Fantasy Football/Sex Advice Mailbag Archives. Many great reads when you have time, and by "many great reads" I mean all of them. Go. Now. [KSK Mailbag Archives]

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