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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Ronnie Belliard?


Rosters expand on Tuesday, and depth at that point will not be a problem. And consider that depth come Tuesday will not cost 2 players. And knowing Colletti, the player to be named later will turn out to be one of the team's top minor league prospects, because that's just how Ned rolls.

How the fuck does Ronnie Belliard cost 2 players? Oh, that's right, because Ned Colletti's the one dealing for him. Shit.


  1. wtf indeed

    i bet u we could have got halladay or lee with santana

  2. Probably, something like Santana, Bell, McDonald, and 1 lower-ceiling/lower level guy would have been enough if I was trading away Halladay or Lee.

    But I wouldn't give up that type of a package for either Halladay or Lee.

    I'm a prospects kind of guy, and that's just way too much for me to give up, especially since I don't believe this is the real Cliff Lee, and Halladay is 32ish.