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Friday, August 21, 2009


From commenter "Dodger Tony" on Jon Weisman's blog (WTF parts in bold-face):

Here is a very interesting article from ESPN.com regarding Billy Wagner:


Apparently the Mets are looking to deal him in a trade as they don't believe anyone will pick up the 2.5 million left of his salary for only a month or so. Also, it seems that Gary Sheffield is at it again, looking to be dealt to a contender before the season ends. Livan Hernandez has been dumped also.

In my humble estimation, there are still some glaring questions about our post-season roster, particularly the youth of our relievers. If you have an opportunity to get another starter who can give you innings and save your staff from flaming, I would support the addition of both Hernandez AND Wagner. However, I cannot see the Dodgers trading for Sheffield at all, what with his past and his limited role on the team...BUT....the Dodgers have virtually no power off of their bench at this point. If you can get a player like a Sheffield or, better still, Jason Giambi, and it doesn't cost you much in the way of players, these last few pieces of the puzzle could pay huge dividends in October. Certainly Giambi would cost you very little as would Hernandez. I'm not sure what the Mets would be looking for in return for Wagner.

We will see for certain in the next ten days. I hope Ned makes the right call and adds these component parts. A Kuo/Wagner, Sherril, Broxton quartet is very frickin' scary and would be formidable as hell in Philly. At least one power hitter off the bench in Giambi and, finally, Livan to help Padilla eat up like Pacman the rest of the season's valuable innings, and the Dodgers have the makings of something, even if Livan gets crushed. The risk is worth the reward, I would say.

Seriously? Livan Hernandez? The Livan Hernandez who's done this since his last full season with an ERA+ over 100 (2005 - ERA+ of 102)? And Commenter Tony actually says "the rest of the season's valuable innings", so why would you want a crappy pitcher who's going to get bombed pitching in those innings. There's no ceiling with Hernandez, and the floor is dirty and covered in crap.

Wagner for cheap would be acceptable because when he's healthy, Billy Wagner dominates. But our bullpen arms are fine as long as they stay healthy, and while that's never guaranteed (especially with Old Joe at the helm), I'm confident the guys we have can get the job done come playoff time. "Will they get the job done?" is a different question, and since I'm not Miss Cleo, I can't answer that. But they definitely can get the job done.

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