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Thursday, September 3, 2009

Colin Cowherd Should Have His Tongue Ripped Out, Then Fed Back To Him

About 2 minutes ago on SportsNation, Colin Cowherd claimed, and not for the first time, that Babe Ruth was overrated and has been romanticized by "baseball purists".

First, simply substitute the term "stat geek" in for purists, because that's obviously what Cowherd wanted to say. He's really saying, "Fuck you, fuck stats, I know more with my eyes, because they're my eyes, and my eyes only see logic, while numbers are confusing and made up by nerds. Fuck nerds, in their Mom's basement on their computers. Never get any girls, I was a magnet back in high school, and I'd get all the girls and beat up those nerds, wearing their glasses and being all puny and shit. Where are they now, those fucking nerds?" It's guys like Cowherd that make me wish I could physically hurt someone and not go to jail.

Second, Babe Ruth is the single greatest baseball player of all-time, no ifs, ands, or buts about it. The greatest, bar none. The best, a legend, an icon. Can I make this any more clear Colin?

Third, let's not forget that he pitched regularly/semi-regularly for 6 years. He missed out on 6 years of being a full-time hitter, from ages 19-24. Again, 6 years of pitching - the numbers he would have put up had he been a full-time hitter for those years is incomprehensible.

Do I really need to continue on about why Colin Cowherd is not only amazingly wrong about Babe Ruth, but is an enormous blowhard and imbecile?

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