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Friday, September 25, 2009

Notes From Friday's Game

  1. Jon Garland was the same old Jon Garland, though he wasn't helped by the poor Dodger defense behind him and some shallow and infield hits (6 IP, 3 Runs [0 ER], 6 Hits, 6 K, 1 BB, 104 pitches - 70 for strikes). Again, if he pitches in the postseason it'll most certainly be a mediocre start because he's a mediocre pitcher who allows the ball to be put into play too often.
  2. Bullpen: 2 IP, o Runs, 1 Hit, 2 K, 2 BB, 1 HBP.
  3. Blake DeWitt (2 Doubles) and Brad Ausmus [(!?)....This is when you know the offensive showing was piss-poor] (2 Singles) were the only Dodgers to reach base more than once.
  4. The Dodger offense struck out 7 times while drawing 0 walks.
  5. 2 Errors, and another play that easily could have been, and probably should have been ruled, an error.

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