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Monday, September 21, 2009

Off-Topic On An Off-Day

Norv Turner and Offensive Coordinator Clarence Shelmon are idiots. I don't know which of the two calls the plays, but who in their right mind would think running up the middle with a scatback against an incredibly talented, aggressive defense with the game on the line would be an intelligent idea?

The middle of said defense that is unquestionably their strength. On the same day that your best running back is not playing due to a sprained ankle. On the same day that your QB just threw for a career-high 436 yards.

If you must run, run to the outside, not at the heart of the other's team's great defense. Run a misdirection, pitch it to Sproles. But that would still be over-thinking things. Let Rivers set up in a shotgun formation and THROW THE DAMN BALL!

You should feel like shit Norv.

Why couldn't they have just hired Rex Ryan a couple of years ago, considering it's the defense that needs work. Horrible on 3rd downs, no pressure. Play aggressive, and win. Thank god for the AFC West.

Fuck Norv Turner.


Lots of great shows on TV now after a summer full of repeats and reality shows. Some new, some old, most currently airing new episodes or just about to begin airing new episodes. The ones that I enjoy, in no particular order:

  • South Park (returns October 7th)
  • House (returns tonight)
  • It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia (Thursdays)
  • Fringe (Thursdays)
  • Community (Thursdays)
  • Glee (Wednesdays)
  • Family Guy (returns September 24th)
  • American Dad (returns September 24th)
  • Archer (Premiered Thursday, returns in January) - Official Website
  • *The Cleveland Show* (premieres September 24th)

* Not sure what to expect, and it replaced a show I really liked (King Of The Hill), but I'll give it a chance.*

What did I miss? What shows do you guys really enjoy?


  1. I don't understand how the hell Norv Turner keeps getting head coaching jobs. He must be awsome in the interviewing process. Somewhere, Marty Schottenheimer is laughing.

    We have House DV-R'd, were about to sit down to watch.

  2. telciram- Never seen Heroes.

    Cabell- I liked it. Different type of storyline, but still great in my mind. Though no 13 always makes it a little worse.

  3. Cabell- Norv as Offensive Coordinator I could live with, but as head coach is just too much.

    I hope the next coach is Ron Rivera or Rob Ryan. At least a defensive-minded guy.

  4. Cabell- What did you think of House?

  5. KK - The Office and Parks & Recreation are my fav shows.

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