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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Rob's Excellent & Miscellaneous Assortment Of Goodies (Now With Video, So You Know It's Good!)

Kuriyama, just for you Rob.


Woody Paige won his 300th show on Around the Horn on Tuesday. A Prince Fielder-esque celebration followed. Pictures from my cell, so quality is what it is.

Confetti is being released upon Paige bukkake-style. If the quality were better, you'd see a bedazzled "300 banner" in the background. Picture this, but with more confetti, glitter, and the banner.

As ridiculous as he looks, he's still better than Plaschke.



Dodger text question Tuesday was "Which acquisition has made the biggest impact so far?". I missed the final results, but I assume they held steady with what they were when I took this pic of the results up until that point in the voting. I'd go with Sherrill myself.


  1. You are the man KK!! At least you came thru for me. Plus you picked a cool Kill Bill pic of her too. Good work my friend. Danke.