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Thursday, September 17, 2009

What I Missed While At The Manny Bobblehead Game

Fan umpires behind home plate.

Not the first, not the last.

For anyone who watched the game on TV, how often did these guys do their little shtick?

For me, it's kind of funny the first time. And I emphasize kind of, because it quickly begins to annoy the shit out me.

Especially since these gentlemen appear to be closer to 30 than to 20. Maybe even 40.

I admit it could just be because I'm not that into dress-up and role-play. Unless it's the Elliott Reid type of role-playing.


  1. Saw them at about the 4th inning, had to laugh that someone would dress up like the umps. When they left at about the 8th inning everyone around them was taking pictures with them. As they walked by the fans they would gesture as if they were throwing them out of the game. It seemed that everyone in the area had a blast watching them. Last game I went to I sat next to someone who was dressed head to toe in Manny gear(Wig, hat, glove, jersey, pants). If your goal is to get on TV then I think this will get it done.

  2. Yeah, it'll not only get you on TV, but on ESPN or TSN.

    Maybe it's just annoying to me because they sit behind home plate, so you see them more.