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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Who Gets The Letters DFA By Their Name? (EDIT)

To accommodate the acquisitions of Jim Thome and Jon Garland, two guys need to be designated for assignment from the 40-man roster. This really shouldn't even be an issue.

DFA: Mark Loretta
DFA: Jason Repko

Repko is the 5th OF (6th if Xavier Paul returns), and with the additions of Thome and Ronnie Belliard, Loretta should be let go. Adios gentlemen (please Ned, do the smart/right thing).

Loretta gone would open a spot on the active roster. With his performance tonight, I think it's safe to say James McDonald purchased himself a trip back to AAA to open a spot for Garland. Though I would prefer McD to stay up and Garland to go away.


DFA: Will Ohman
DFA: Eric Milton

Neither is on the 40-man roster, but both should be long-gone by now.

Once Thome and Garland are added to the 40-man roster, there will be no issue in adding them to the active roster. With all the chaos and roster moves in the past few days, I completely forgot that rosters expand today. Lucky lucky Loretta (perhaps?).

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