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Friday, October 23, 2009

Links On A Friday Night

Matt Kemp was named an All-Star by the Sporting News. How in the hell does Ryan Franklin beat out Jonathan Broxton? [The Sporting News 2009 NL All-Stars]

Keith Law's latest chat over at ESPN. Some Dodger Talk included. [Chat With Keith Law]
Ryan (madison,wi)

Who says no: Fielder for Kemp?

(1:35 PM)

Dodgers. With howls of derisive laughter.

Ryan (Andover)

MSM sentiment seems to be that the Dodgers weren't "tough enough" to beat the Phillies. I say having to start Vincente Padilla in an LCS elimination game is more likely the problem.

(1:49 PM)

I'm with you. And how much money did Padilla cost himself by returning to form in last night's game? That whole "he's a new man" meme just took a bullet to the heart when he walked off the field.

Craig (Bethesda, MD)

Really...How bad of a tactical manager is Torre? I knew he was terrible, and was against his hiring from the beginning- but Game 1 was an absolute disaster, and his decisions on Starting Pitchers was a farce. One thing I will never understand is why when Kuo blows hitters away in the 7th, he has to switch to Sherrill in the 8th. Is Kuo's fragility the basis on that switch or is he a manager who just follows a pattern?

(2:04 PM)

I didn't get that either. It's October. If you blow Kuo out and win the World Series ... I love Kuo, but he's probably going to blow out anyway, whether it's pitching or signing an autograph. The one thing for which Torre has been criticized unfairly, in my opinion, was starting Kershaw in game one. He has the best stuff of anyone on their staff and his command has been improving for a year now. Who was the alternative? Padilla?

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