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Monday, November 23, 2009

Links On An Early, Early Monday Morning

Hong-Chi Kuo and Chin-lung Hu hosted a baseball clinic Sunday in their native Taiwan. Great work from these two gentlemen. [Dodgers' Kuo, Hu Host Clinic In Taiwan]

Jon Weisman over at Dodger Thoughts has a great write-up of why trading Chad Billingsley is short-sighted and, quite frankly, idiotic beyond reason. Those last words are mine, not Jon's. [Trading Chad Billingsley For Roy Halladay Would Create More Problems Than It Solves]

kensai over at Memories Of Kevin Malone talks about the backlash at Keith Law over his NL Cy Young ballot. To be forthright, I love Keith Law and his baseball acumen and opinions, I agree with his selection of Tim Lincecum, and kensai always has intelligent posts and he and I share the same philosophy on baseball. So yeah, this is pretty much the perfect baseball storm of genius for me. [I Love People]

Mike Scioscia's Tragic Illness relives the pain of the Casey Blake for Carlos Santana trade. Ugh, why Ned and Frank, why!?!? Come back Carlos Santana, come back home. [Baseball Prospectus, Why Must You Taunt Me?]

R.J. Anderson over at FanGraphs discusses Keith Law's NL Cy Young ballot and the ridiculous backlash over it. Jon Heyman and Buck Martinez, idiots you are. Law knows more than the two of you plus Joe Morgan combined. [Defending Law]

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