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Saturday, November 7, 2009

Manny Ramirez Picks Up His Option....And Saves Us

From 162 games of Juan Pierre.

The option is for $20 million.

Yes, he's 37, and yes, he wasn't as productive last year as many of us had hoped he would be, but as long as he doesn't take another fastball on the hand (pictured below) he should be productive. Certainly more than the aforementioned Slappy Juan Pierre.

At 37, Manny had an OBP of .418, a SLG% of .531, and an OPS of .949 in 431 plate appearances. That's good for an OPS+ of 149, to go along with 19 HR, 45 XBH, and a very respectable WAR of 2.9. Taking into account the 50 games missed due to suspension, and the adverse effects that came after being hit by a pitch on the hand, those numbers are fairly close to his career numbers.

A quick look at how the hit-by-pitch affected Manny's production:


For those who believe Manny not on the juice is what took the bite out of his production, his numbers from the first game after his suspension until he was hit on the hand:

Of course Manny could have still been using, but I don't believe in steroids making the player. Manny has always been a phenomenal player, and steroids did not make him that player.

I'm very pleased to have Manny returning, and if he produces the exact same as last year's final line, I'd gladly take that over the alternative of Mr. Pierre, who hits the hardest ground balls and highest pop-ups of any man to ever walk the face of the planet. That being said, I expect a productive Manny. Not the crazy numbers from the 2nd half of 2008, but productive nevertheless.

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