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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Dodgers Sign 3 More To Minor League Deals

Ned Colletti signed Nick Green, Scott Dohmann, and Argenis Reyes to minor league deals on Monday. Each player has also been invited to Spring Training.

Green, 31, has 1108 plate appearances over 5 seasons spent with Atlanta, Tampa Bay, the Yankees, Seattle, and Boston. Over that time, he has amassed an amazingly putrid line of .239/.307/.352/.660, with an OBP of .303 in 2009. Yes, that's a worse 2009 OBP and a worse career OBP than noted base-clogger Juan Pierre. Green is coming off of back surgery, and could conceivably not even be ready by Spring Training or the start of the 2010 regular season. If he is ready, I would imagine he will basically be handed the backup shortstop job, what with his veterany status and inability to hit, something the Dodgers seem to find especially tantalizing from their bench players.

There is nothing, quite frankly, that Nick Green does that Chin-lung Hu, aged 26 when the season begins anew, can't do. Not to mention the higher upside The Hu (copyright KempKershaw - trust me, no need to look into this any further) presents. Apparently the Dodgers are anti-Hu. Are you anti-Hu? I'm certainly not, and as Mike Scioscia's Tragic Illness points out, Hu is the superior player, and is not coming off of back surgery, and is not behind schedule from the aforementioned back surgery. If either of these two gentlemen see significant time in 2010, there's a problem. But if that did happen, wouldn't you want the younger, higher upside player playing? I would. Especially since Nick Green, baseball backup, sucks.

Dohmann, 31 and a relief pitcher, has made 164 appearances over 5 seasons with Colorado, Kansas City, and Tampa Bay. He has a career WHIP of 1.6, a K/9 IP mark of 8.7, and has walked 5/9 IP. He has a 5.04 career FIP.

Reyes, a 27-year-old middle infielder, has 139 career plate appearances, all with the Mets between 2008 and 2009. His career line stands at .205/.246/.228/.475, with an OPS+ of 27. His 2009 OPS+ , over 18 plate appearances, was -22.

Chin-lung Hu should have the backup shortstop gig unless he physically can't play. Physically can't play, you know who that reminds me of? Nick Green. And I don't mean because he's a 31-year-old who just had back surgery and is behind schedule; I mean it because Nick Green is an atrocious player who can barely produce a .300 OBP. Seriously, a .303 on-base percentage in 2009? A career .307 OBP?

Christ, that's epically horrendous.


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