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Saturday, April 10, 2010

Kemp Talks About Close Call

Ken Gurnick collects some quotes from Matt Kemp on his near collision with Reed Johnson in Thursday's game against Pittsburgh:
"That was scary. Really scary," said Kemp, who has the right to any ball he can reach as the center fielder. "It can be tough with new outfielders, and yesterday I had new guys on each side, with Garret Anderson in right. I'm used to working with [Andre Ethier], and with Manny [Ramirez], I know what he can get, and he knows when I can get to the ball, he backs off.

"Yesterday, Reed got a good jump, and I got a good jump at the same time. We both called for it, but when you're running and calling, you can't hear anybody else calling. And the wind made it tougher. And when I'm looking at a ball that I can catch, I'm not looking at anything but the ball, so I won't see another outfielder coming. That can be good, because I'm focused on the ball, but it can be bad, because I won't see a collision coming."

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