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Monday, April 19, 2010

Yardbarker Affiliation

I'm officially affiliated with Yardbarker, a network that gives you access to over 700 sports sites and blogs, including many blogs written by the very athletes we love (and sometimes love to hate).

First, I need to thank Yardbarker for the amazing opportunity they have presented me with, and all the help I received in becoming an affiliate. I've mentioned before that I'm nowhere near technologically-savvy enough as I should be, and they walked me through the whole process. Fantastic network, fantastic people.

There's been a few changes with the look of this blog now that I'm with YB, and there may eventually be some more, perhaps even an overhaul of the look of the blog, but nothing major has changed or will change regarding the content. I'll still be the same witty realist who hates most of Dodger management and deeply misses Carlos Santana and Josh Bell.

At least that's how I view myself.

So check out my Yardbarker page, and follow me on Twitter if you already haven't.


  1. Why thank you kind sir.

    Mr. Big Shot is actually an intriguing nickname.

    /no one would ever call me that, even if I paid them