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Thursday, May 6, 2010

Manny Ramirez, Rafael Furcal, and George Sherrill News

George Sherrill is hard at work to correct his troubles. Too bad being mediocre your entire career isn't correctable, especially at 33 years of age. Can we just send him away and take Josh Bell back? Pretty please? We'll even throw in Ramon Ortiz!


Manny Ramirez will be activated for Saturday's game against the Colorado Rockies.


The team hopes Rafael Furcal can return next week. Please, spare us anymore of Jamey Carroll and his horrid, awful, gargantuanly shitty range. And dear god, not Nick Green!

Carroll's range is so bad I had to make up the word gargantuanly. At least I think it's not a real word. Oh well, that's why English is not the field I chose to major in.


  1. Gargantuanly. Nice.

    Yeah, Carroll sucks. I hope we see Furcal soon.

  2. Haha thanks.

    Rafael is needed, just for the defense alone. Hu should be playing right now, it's quite frustrating.

  3. I have had it up to here with the tredloks I cant even tell you where here is anymore. Does he think he is Sampson (of Biblical notariety) and if he cuts his hair he will lose his power, maybe if he cuts his hair he could see the ball better, and since being with the Dodgers he has a been a no show in my opinion anyway. Thats why he aint no Yank, Georgie would have cut it himself.

  4. MR needs to learn how to obey team rules. Im tired of pros thinking they are above the law. I guess I am from the old school, but you can see what direction we are heading cant you? I used to think we cant get much lower, BOY was I wrong. When we hit rock bottom we were only half the way there. Give me the Dodgers of the sixties.

  5. I can see this site gets a hell of alot of activity. I know you youngins hate to see me leave, but im outta hear.

  6. Anonymous- The dredlocks don't bother me, and I don't think they bother his teammates, but that's just me.

    He did cut them at least once if memory serves. And he's been awesome, plain and simple, since becoming a Dodger. Even his "down" second-half last season, due to being hit on the hand, was still pretty darn good.

    Either way, we need him healthy and in the middle of the lineup. He makes our lineup so dangerous, and really helps out Ethier.

    Thanks for the comments, feel free to stop by any time.