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Monday, May 17, 2010

Ned Colletti Talks Andre Ethier (EDIT)

Ned Colletti answered questions for MLB Trade Rumors. Here's what he had to say about the Andre Ethier for Milton Bradley/Antonio Perez trade:

MLBTR: Before the '06 season Baseball America suggested Ethier might not have enough power to be a corner outfield regular. What did you see that made you feel differently?
Colletti: From the outset his swing path was excellent. A young player can develop power later. Once he started to pull the ball more and learned his body and his swing, we felt the home runs would follow. I watched much the same occur earlier in my career, most notably with Ryne Sandberg and the Cubs when then-manager Jim Frey encouraged Sandberg to use his power to pull. Ryno went from hitting 9-12 home runs to hitting 25-40 home runs shortly thereafter.

Good stuff, especially about who's involved in the makings of a trade.

Go read the whole interview, you'll enjoy it.

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