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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Rafael Furcal, Dodger Rotation Updates

John Ely gets himself another start, this one coming this Thursday.


Rafael Furcal will apparently hit the DL after all, and unfortunately, it's looking more and more likely it won't be Chin-lung Hu, excellent defender, taking his spot. Instead, Nick Green, awful defender, will get the call. Neither can hit a lick, but Green is a veteran! Oooh, veterans, so sexy and productive.

That last line is a direct quote from Joe Torre and Ned Colletti. At least I imagine that's what they would say.


  1. OMG I hate Colletti!!!!

    I almost grabbed my monitor and tossed it out the window!

  2. Yes, the Nick Green era is upon us. 1 plate appearance, 1 strikeout. Just wait until he plays defense.

    Shuddering, commence.