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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Dodgers Draft Zachary Lee

The Dodgers drafted Zachary Lee, a two-sport athlete, out of a Texas high school with the 28th overall selection in the first round of Monday's First-Year Player Draft. Lee, a pitcher, is also a QB commit to LSU.

Tommy Lasorda announced the pick, as the Dodgers took a chance on Lee, who has major signability issues, as LSU is dead-set on making him their QB for the upcoming season.
"People can think what they want, he was the best talent available and I want to sign him, absolutely," said Logan White, assistant general manager of scouting. "I didn't take Zach to not sign him. You'll see as the summer goes along we'll make every effort to sign him, and I want to sign him. I know it won't be easy, but hopefully we'll get it done."
The deadline for picks to sign is Monday, Aug. 16. The last time the Dodgers failed to sign their top pick was 2005, when they drafted but did not sign supplemental pick Luke Hochevar, who became the first overall pick by Kansas City the following year and is in the Royals' starting rotation.

The largest bonus the Dodgers have given a Draft pick is $2.3 million for Clayton Kershaw in 2006. Lee and Kershaw have the same advisers, Alan and Randy Hendricks from Houston. White said he had a preliminary conversation with Lee's representatives after making the selection.

Five of White's nine top picks have come from Texas. He said Lee's competitive nature reminds him of Nolan Ryan, while Lee's athleticism and feel for pitching reminds him of a young Roy Halladay.
Listening to Monday's game on the radio while coming home, Charley Steiner said Lee has a fastball that touches 93 MPH and a slider. I would have preferred the Dodgers draft an offensive prospect, but sometimes life throws you curveballs. Or sliders. Or footballs, as is the case with Lee, who will probably end up heading off to play QB at LSU because the Dodgers ownership is cheap and traditionally cheaper when it comes to paying draftees more than slot.

And what we know for sure about Zachary Lee, the 6-foot-4, 195 pound righty from Texas, is that he's looking for more than slot, enough money to make him drop his commitment to LSU and take up baseball full-time.


  1. Come to LSU and be the first player to pitch for a NC and QB for a NC in college. I hope he comes to LSU but i would understand if he goes pro.

  2. Zach is a great kid and has a very supportive family. He is do what is best for his family, however, I bet he ends up at LSU and will have a great career and get paid at a later date.

  3. Yeah, he seems intent on going to LSU, and I doubt the Dodgers would pay him what he's reportedly asking for anyways, divorce or no divorce.

    Nothing wrong with going to college, it's a great experience.

  4. Zach is of the Matt Mauk/Matt Flynn mold (LSU won national titles with these two) in addition Zach has the potential of starting at quarterback as a rookie in the NFL after he helps LSU win another national championship.

  5. Eddie Rising- He certainly seems to be talented enough to succeed at either football or baseball.

    I would frankly be shocked if he signs with the Dodgers.