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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Joe Torre Should Be Fired. Immediately.

Joe Torre must be fired now if we are serious about winning, because he clearly isn't.

Torre brought in Jonathan Broxton to close out Sunday's game against the Yankees. The Dodgers led by 4 runs, Ronald Belisario had just thrown a measly 12 pitches the previous inning, and most importantly, Broxton had pitched or warmed up the previous 4 days. That's right, Sunday made it 5 days in a row of taxing Broxton's arm.

That is simply unacceptable, and Torre's decision is inexcusable.

Torre clearly doesn't care about Broxton's health, and putting in a clearly tired pitched doesn't scream "I'm trying to win this game" either.

I've never been a big Torre fan; he misuses his bullpen, puts together often horrific lineups, and favors veterans over younger, better, and more upside-laden players. This horrific decision is the final straw for me, and should be for every fan of the Dodgers. Jonathan Broxton will shoulder much of the blame from the traditional media and most Dodgers fans in all likelihood, but he was put in a position to fail. A tired pitcher against one of the best offenses in all of baseball? That's a clear recipe for failure.

Managing your bullpen properly: so easy, Caveman Torre still can't do it.

Fire Joe Torre Now. Before it's too late.

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  1. Fuck Torre.

    More bullpen abuse from the Hall of Fame manager. Stupid shit.

  2. Hall Of Fame my ass.

    This was just ludicrous.

    I can barely even contain my rage right now.

  3. Not just the bullpen, the lineups he puts out for day games never makes any sense to me.

  4. Yeah, he's really a poor (to put it nicely) game manager.

    And look, Kemp is benched AGAIN.

    Torre's a grade-A idiot.

  5. Asterisk! Hall of Fame*

    But he did manage the team with a $500 Million payroll.

  6. I'm sure his clubhouse presence meant more to those rings than the oodles of talent he had to work with.