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Sunday, June 6, 2010

Site News: Upcoming Week Of Dodger Fun

Posting will be somewhat light the next few days, but once Wednesday passes, my schedule clears up considerably and I'll be able to do more than just the post-game recaps that I'll pump out the next few days.

Some of what you'll see after Wednesday will include a recap of the John Ely event from Saturday, the 66ers game I attended on Saturday, and Tuesday night's Jonathan Broxton Bobblehead Night. I'm also heading back to San Bernardino for the 66ers game against the Rancho Cucamonga Quakes (Angels' Class A affiliate) next Sunday, so I'll recap that as well. Lots of pictures, a couple of videos.

Here's a little teaser to some of the upcoming posts in the meantime:

[Autographs from 66ers young studs Aaron Miller (top) and Ethan Martin (bottom)]

Great story behind the Martin signature, looking forward to recapping it and other good stuff.


  1. Vary nice autographs. Was it easy getting the autographs down there?

  2. Yeah it was.

    Not that many players were signing, but then again there weren't a lot of fans, so it evened out.

    Hopefully Kyle Russell is signing next week.

  3. Plus for this game I was shaded just to the visiting teams' side of the field, and next weekend I'll be on the 66ers side, and much closer to the dugout and bullpen.

    So hopefully that helps me get a few more autographs, and maybe even a pic or two.