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Saturday, July 17, 2010

Las Vegas Baby, Las Vegas

A programming note: I won't be around for a few days, as I'm in Las Vegas with some friends to celebrate my birthday. Which birthday it is, I won't tell: it's not polite to ask someone's age. Let's just say it's in the range of 15-55. Yeah, in there somewhere (that's what she said).

Chad has the Game Threads and Recaps all to himself. Which he hates. :P

I've set a few posts to publish while I'm gone, various videos and such.



    Have fun man. Gamble and do all those fun things men do in Vegas.

  2. Haha thanks man, would have gotten back sooner but I had no computer.

    I did gamble. Won some, lost more, came close to about $300-400.

    Good experience though.

    I had a manly weekend, always a good change of pace haha.