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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Meeting Jonathan Broxton

Today I met Dodgers reliever Jonathan Broxton at a signing in Pasadena, held at an AT&T store. The signing was scheduled from 11:30-1:00, and having missed the previous 3 signings with Broxton in the past couple of months, I intended to get there early enough to all but guarantee myself of meeting him.

There were two other signings scheduled to start half an hour after Broxton's, so I was hoping most people would go to those and leave the Broxton signing fairly relaxed and without a large crowd. I got my wish, as I arrived at about 9:15 and found at most 50 people in line.

There was a promotion being held that allowed any fan who brought a Gatorade product to be one of the first to meet Jon. I bought the first Gatorade I've had in what seems like a decade, and was able to move up about 10-20 people in line, give or take. I had with me my Jonathan Broxton Bobblehead given out back on June 8th, as well as a ball I had gotten signed by both Matt Kemp and Fernando Valenzuela way way back in January at one of the Dodger Caravan Events. I was hoping the crowd would be small enough to have multiple items signed; that was not the case, as we were told only 1 item per person. I decided to get the bobblehead signed, and I'm happy with my decision.

Jon arrived at 11:40, and after signing and taking pictures with store employees, began to sign for everyone. The line moved quickly, and I was out by about 12:00. I walked away with a signed bobblehead and a picture with Jon. I know Jon's not a big talker, but he said hey when I fist walked up and said "Hi Jon", and after he signed and took the picture, and I said "Thanks", he said something along the lines of "No problem".

All in all, a very successful day. I had a lot of fun, Jon was very nice, and I'm very happy to have finally met him, gotten his autograph, and been lucky enough to take a picture as well. Oh, and two free tickets to tomorrow's game were a nice cherry on top. Hopefully I'll be able to make it. Great day.


  1. Nice! Looks like you had a good time.

    I stood in line for 3+ hours to meet Matt Kemp and didn't get the autograph. Damn I was pissed.

  2. Yeah I had a great time, almost went back in line a second time.

    I heard there were 400 people there by 6 in the morning. Insane. Sorry you missed out.

    How close were you to meeting Matty?

  3. I was about 100 people away. The way the line was moving, it would have taken another hour.

    I did meet Roberto from Vin Scully Is My Homeboy and John SooHoo. Both very nice.

  4. That sucks man, I'm sorry. I wish the events lasted longer, but it's tough on game days, especially for a position player playing that day.

    Roberto and SooHoo, nice. I still need to meet Roberto.

  5. You didn't save this for Memorabilia Monday??

  6. Oh, I'll be including it in a large Broxton Memorabilia Monday. Honestly, like 50 people at most might see it here. :o

  7. Nice post Greg, glad you made it :)

  8. I have you to thank for that Roberto! It was great, thanks for always letting us know about the appearances.

    Glad I could FINALLY make it to a Broxton signing, it only took two months and four appearances haha.