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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Winning A Matt Kemp Golden Bobblehead From The Dodgers!

I won a limited edition Matt Kemp Gold Glove Bobblehead off of Twitter from the Dodgers last Tuesday. Here's how it went down.

@DodgertownUSA's question:

1st 5 to REPLY win! OTD: 2001 Shawn Green broke #Dodgers single season HR record. How many did he finish yr with? Rules http://bit.ly/b3rtrbless than a minute ago via TweetDeck

My answer:

After a few tense minutes waiting to see if I had succeeded in my quest, they announced the five winners:

WOW! Lots of responses, almost all correct. Answer=49. Winners: @THEREALAGUIRRE @feedmecupcakes @blon0124 @ArgyledPlaschke @bobtimmermannless than a minute ago via TweetDeck

I celebrated and thanked them:

YES! RT @DodgertownUSA WOW! Lots of responses. Answer=49. Winners: @THEREALAGUIRRE @feedmecupcakes @blon0124 @ArgyledPlaschke @bobtimmermannless than a minute ago via web

This is the second Twitter contest I've been fortunate enough to win this summer. The first was from MasterCard and netted me two tickets to a Dodgers/Phillies game, the Hiroki Kuroda near no-hitter.

The items just arrived yesterday, so I'll post some pics of the assorted goodies soon, I hope.

Thanks again to the Dodgers and @DodgertownUSA for all of their great fan interaction and giveaways.


  1. haha I know, I took a couple I'll put up in the next day or so. I intend to keep it wrapped up and boxed up in the hopes of getting Matt to sign it.

  2. Did they put it in the same box as the original version?

  3. Looks the same to me, just with a coupon for San Manuel in it.

    Granted, I have yet to open the regular Kemp Bobble haha, so maybe there was a coupon in those too.

    I only opened this one to check and make sure it wasn't broken, since the one Bob Timmermann received had the Golden Gloved hand broken off.