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Saturday, October 2, 2010

Kyle Blanks Bobblehead & Picture-Filled Game Recap

Here's the bobble they gave out back in June. Yeah, I'm running late. That's the life of a lazy man.

(*click any of the below images to embiggen*)

I believe the Padres modeled this after the 12-year-old version of Kyle Blanks. Or
Miguel Cabrera. Or a baby-faced Ronnie Belliard. One of the three.

The base:

The bottom:

The card that came with the bobble and goes right behind it:

Here's the bobble with the card in place:

Photos of the bobblehead box:

Program from the game:

Some pictures from the game:

Former Dodger Mark Hendrickson

Mat Latos

Mat Latos Part Deux

Broken Bobble Chucked Onto The Field


  1. It looks nothing like Kyle Blanks, but I still want one. That's a nice bobble. Petco is beautiful. I've never been there. Maybe next year I'll take a trip.

  2. Haha yeah the face could use some work. And the park is beautiful, I'd recommend left field bleachers: great view, batting practice, maybe catching a ball. Autograph possibilities.