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Saturday, November 6, 2010

Trade With Night Owl Cards: Matt Kemp, Clayton Kershaw, Allen & Ginter, and 1989 Topps

Another trade to recap, this one with Greg from Night Owl Cards. On a side note, that is one fantastic first name Greg has there. Not sure why it appeals to me, but it just screams machismo and integrity.

I sent Greg some cards off of his 2010 Allen & Ginter Want List: base cards of Avery Jenkins, Aaron Cook, Adam Jones, and Nolan Reimold. I also sent some Topps Finest Dodgers, 1996, and other random stuff. He's already posted what I sent him. Scroll to the bottom of the linked post and check it out, check it outers.

Greg's return package was a mystery to me. When we exchanged e-mails, he said he had plenty of what I needed, but left it at that. And honestly, I was happy to have just vague knowledge of what was coming back my way, as it made it all that more interesting to open the package he sent. The anticipation was palpable, that's for sure.

The bubble mailer tells you all you need to know. Bubble mailer got back.

Here's what Greg sent me:

A ton of 1989 Topps, as I'm working on that set. A slew of 2010 A&G, as I'm putting that base set together, short prints included. I'm much, much closer to completing the A&G set. Greg was also kind enough to send along a smattering of Matt Kemp and Clayton Kershaw cards. You can never go wrong with those two.

My favorite Kemp and Kershaw cards Greg sent me:

*I should probably just get a scanner instead of fishing for pictures through Google Images. Or I can just continue being lazy. Yeah, that lazy option sounds golden.*

Thanks again for the trade Greg, if I run across anything from your Want Lists I'll be sure to let you know.


  1. "Palpable"?

    You impress me, young man.

  2. Why thank you fellow Greg. I do try my best.

  3. Damnit man, get a scanner.

    I've been without internet for 2 weeks now. I have so many trades and cards to post.

    Love all the Kemps and Kershaws BTW.

  4. I know DB, I know. For shame. A scanner is something I definitely intend on looking into.

    No internet for two weeks sucks, my condolences. Can't wait to see what trades you've made.

    Kemps and Kershaws are always a plus.