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Sunday, March 6, 2011

1950 Bowman Al Rosen Rookie Card

$4.24 shipped via eBay for this awesome card. My winning bid: $2.25.

Clearly, it's well-loved and bursting with character from its doubtless many previous owners. The back is actually in pretty damn good condition, all things considered. Even in this condition, I really didn't expect the card to be winnable at this cheap of a price.

I've decided to grab every Al Rosen card I can, particularly the ones of a vintage persuasion. I have another pair I bought on Thursday waiting to be posted.

This particular Rosen is missing the copyright symbol and info at the bottom, which initially worried me. But after a quick search of eBay turned up a few graded 1950 Bowmans without that same info and symbol, I decided it was well worth the paltry sum to bid on this great rookie card of my favorite non-Dodger old-school player, and happily grabbed the card.

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