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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Bobby Ryan and Luca Sbisa Rookie Autos

2008-2009 UD Artifacts Autofacts

Picked up this sweet Bobby Ryan Auto from eBay for five bucks shipped. That "54" was quite the selling point, as it signifies the card is from his rookie season. Plus, it's a pretty cool looking card regardless of its rookie status. The sticker is hidden quite well, as it blends with the color scheme. Kudos to UD.

2008-2009 UD Be A Player Signatures

Luca Sbisa has been a favorite of mine since he was acquired from Philly in the Chris Pronger deal. Though he's pictured in a Flyers uniform on this rookie card, it's still a pickup I'm very happy about. Rookie autos are some of my favorite autos. This one ran me about $4-5 from my local shop. Seeing his old number (47) inscribed along with his John Hancock is an attribute of this card, and Bobby's, that I find particularly appealing, as I mentioned above. With his arrival in Anaheim, he now wears number 5.

For anyone unfamiliar with Luca, this clip sums up a couple of his biggest attributes: his physicality and fighting prowess. Dude also has a canon for a shot when he's not running you over (running through you, really).


Cards out today for Steve, TJ, Julie, Richard, Greg (of the Beardy variety), and Eric. Also, if anyone is in code-cracking extraordinaire Nick Jacoby's inner circle, please ask him to e-mail me. Gracias in advance if anyone can help me out there.


  1. Hey Greg, have you dug up anything for me for that Cutler patch that you were interested in? Let me know. Thanks.

  2. Yeah, planning to e-mail you later today. Not sure if what I have will interest you though haha.