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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Trade With Nomo's Sushi Platter: A Sick Jay Cutler Patch and A Few PC Additions

I sent a Charlie Hough Auto and some cards for various players collections to the just beginning to blog Michael from Nomo's Sushi Platter (great name choice, by the way). Michael is a long-time trader, but before blogging, was known to most as simply Spiegel (from Earth, according to a certain Rockies blogger who shall remain anonymous). Every time I say his name, I say it in the Lord of the Rings way.

I need a life.

In return, I received an incredibly sick patch of one of my favorite NFLers, Jay Cutler. The moment I saw Spiegel post this card as bait, I knew I had to have it. You see, I love patches (perhaps too much, some might say), and being that the patch is insanely awesome and comes from one of my favorite players in Cutler, it seemed like an easy call to me. A quick inquiry and a few e-mails later and this bad boy is now mine.


I'm pretty sure this patch is part of the lower left portion of the "6" on Cutler's jersey, perhaps from the smaller 6 on his shoulder. If anyone has any other suggestions and can clarify exactly what part of jersey this patch comes from, please leave a comment and share.

Michael also added to a few of my player collections, including some not pictured (a handful of great Chad Billingsley cards):

A really badass card of Big Brox.

New Russ Additions

New Russ Additions Part Deux

Thanks Spiegel, your cards are on their way. Hope to trade again!


  1. Great patch. I <3 2010 Gridiron Gear.

  2. Glad that you liked the cards that we sent. We'll have to trade again sometime.

  3. Sick patch. Yeah it is from the bottom of the 6. I have a Cutler jersey and compared.

  4. Great indeed Arno, if I were more of a football guy I'd have to give a box of Gridiron Gear a go around after seeing the Cutler.

    Spiegel- Trade again we shall, thanks!

    Johnny- Thanks for checking and confirming.