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Friday, April 22, 2011

Russell Martin 1/1 Blank Back Card

I believe the first place I ever came across blank back cards was over at Manupatches & Chrome Scratches. Eric has displayed a couple of blank back cards of former Dodger draft pick (who chose not to sign) Luke Hochevar, and I didn't really think about getting one of my own at the time. However, eBay is pretty damn good about changing your plans.

2008 Topps Stadium Club #5

I came across a seller who must be a former collector of Russ Martin. I took advantage of her selling off her collection, and picked up a sick pair of cards for $20 shipped. Card number one makes its appearance today, and number two will be along in the future.

I've said this on numerous occasions, but it bears repeating: Russ Martin cards feature some of the best photos ever. I've never come across one Martin card I would say looked bad. At worst, a card of his is just okay. Most, however, are spectacular. As is the case with this card, featuring Xavier Nady.

I'm just going to assume Xavier was out on the play.


  1. Sweet card!

    My only complaint about the blank back cards is the ToppsVault eBay store charges an arm and a leg in shipping costs.

  2. Yeah, I've looked at some of the stuff the Vault sells. Thankfully this seller's shipping was reasonable.

  3. Figuring out the play was a little difficult: