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Monday, June 20, 2011

2008 TriStar Clayton Kershaw Dual Auto: GR8 Southpaw Arms

Picked this beauty up for $6.74 delivered. My winning bid was three bucks, with three quarters tossed in for good measure. It is serial-numbered, to a very limited /50. It also happens to be some sort of green parallel.

Lantern optional.

It becomes the newest addition to my Clayton Kershaw PC.

click to embiggen

Tape and schmutz on the toploader. Not the card. Thank god.

If you look closely on the left side of the card, above and to the left of Donald Veal's "D", you can see a clear dent in the card. It's basically half on the top left of the sticker itself, and half above it. I did not notice this until the card was in my possession, and neither did the seller. He offered to take it back and issue a refund.

But again, this card is numbered out of 50. I'm not terribly likely to find another, and certainly not as affordable as this one was. So the guy kindly agreed to give me a little bit of store credit. Probably like three bucks.

I'll take it.


Another contest to pimp, this time via Matthew Glidden and his Number 5 Type Collection.


  1. Great buy,Greg! But, who is the dude that is sharing space with Kershaw?

  2. Thanks!

    Veal is a reliever for the Pirates, was once upon a time a second-round pick of the Cubs (back in '05).