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Monday, June 13, 2011

Box Break: 2007 Just Rookies. LOTS OF TRADE BAIT

This box was a graduation gift from my Aunt. So a big THANK YOU! is in order.

I'll state again, for about the bazillionith time, that I adore Just Minors products. So, with that being said, here's the box breakdown.

12 packs
4 cards per pack
1 Auto per pack

Look for Just Black and Just Silver Parallel Cards
Look for Glossy 1 of 1's and Dual/Triple Signature Cards

Neither the box nor the wrappers stated any odds for the black and silver parallels, or for the 1 of 1's and dual/triple autos.

Here are my 12 hits. I'll picture the best and list the rest.

9/10, Just Black Parallel
Milwaukee drafted, now a D-Back.

James Adkins, Dodgers (now Reds; the first auto I pulled)
Mitch Canham, Padres (now A's)
Brett Cecil, Blue Jays (and every box of Gypsy Queen)
Travis d'Arnaud, Phillies (traded to Toronto in the Roy Halladay deal)
Sean Doolittle, A's
Danny Payne, Padres
Josh Smoker, Nationals
Jackson Williams, Giants

I'd highly recommend this product, and all Just Minors products. Lots of fun, and though there is a decent amount of risk, the reward is also very high. I'm fairly positive I'll grab another box in the future.

If anything interests you, please let me know. Aside from the Jennings, everything is available. Inquire if you need or want any base cards. Comment away and we can get started on a trade.

I'll have another graduation-inspired box break later in the week. Probably tomorrow. Perhaps. And I'd definitely check that one out, as I'm guaranteed TEN HITS from that break.

Oh, and in case you did read this far, a couple of songs (just for the hell of it) from what has fast become my second favorite band: Infant Sorrow.


  1. GHTTG was a ridiculously awesome movie and I loved all the songs, even if a lot of them sound exactly the same and like the couple from Forgetting Sarah Marshall. "Riding Daphne" gets me every time!

  2. I'd definitely be interested in the Almanzar. I pulled the Reddick out of the box that I opened.

    Awesome pull on the Jennings. He should be called up any day now.

  3. The Almanzar is yours Mike, I'll set it aside for you and get around to e-mailing you this week.

    And yeah, I was really stoked on the Jennings. He looks like quite the prospect.