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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Trade With MidWest Cardboard: The Atomic Bat Signed A ManuPatch

Sometimes, my writing flows. As you can see from my title, this will not be one of those times. Todd from MidWest Cardboard posted some Trade Bait, and I jumped on the four cards you'll soon see below. After a couple of e-mails back and forth, I sent him three Royals hits and a black-bordered Soria mini from 2010 Ginter, plus some random Royals and Vikings cards.

This was the bounty I received in return.

A bat relic of the reigning NL MVP, and one of the best players in all of baseball? Yes please. A definite keeper, though it is bittersweet considering he easily could have been a Dodger. You know, had they not drafted James Loney instead.

A sweeeeet die-cut Atomic Refractor of the Chargers new running back. I like what his future holds, provided he stays healthy. You can't replace LaDainian, but Mathews has a ton of talent.

This is the card that probably least fits into my collecting interests. But it stood out as I perused Todd's Bait, and I do already have a relic of Marshall's. Granted, that relic has been sitting in my own Trade Bit section for weeks and weeks.

The Marshall is one of those cards I'd have no problem keeping, but it will eventually leave my collection in all likelihood, whether that ends up being through a trade or on eBay. But for now, it was hard to pass up an on-card auto of one of the premier receivers in the league.

Finally, we come to the "considered a hit but not really a hit" portion of this post. Aaron Rodgers is one of my favorite players, and the Packers - the team of my childhood - are now my third favorite team. So I was very pleased to see them win it all. And particularly with Rodgers having such a dominating season and postseason, with the fantastic Super Bowl performance to top it all off.

This throwback manupatch is pretty sweet, so I was happy to add it. Especially with Rodgers' cards taking off in price.

Thanks for the trade Todd, I appreciate it! Hopefully your cards have already arrived (I imagine they have).

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