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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Trade With Section 36: 10 New Russell Martins

Ron from Section 36 e-mailed me about a Russ Martin relic he pulled. A couple of e-mails later and we had ourselves a deal. I sent him a Sox relic I picked up at my local, and I got this sweet hit to add to my ever-growing Martin collection.

In total, Ron added TEN new Russ cards to my Russ PC.

This Stadium Club base card from 2008 goes swimmingly with the 1/1 Blank Back card and Printing Plate I have of the same card. Can you say potential-down-the-road-but-not-terribly-likely-to-come-to-fruition-rainbow?

He also sent along a new Matt Kemp, always appreciated in these here parts.

And finally, this awesome Martin insert, which I had come close to grabbing from eBay at least once before.

Thanks Ron! Hope you enjoy the cards which have hopefully reached you already.


  1. You mean there's another collector out there who pulls Russell Martin cards? I thought they were all in packs I opened... wow... haha...

  2. Haha, you'll always be the first Sam. I'm sure you'll continue to pull Russ cards I'll end up trading for.

    I certainly hope so haha.

  3. I got your cards. Thank you very much. The Sox relic was a very welcome surprise!

  4. Glad the cards arrived and were to your liking. Thanks again Ron, hopefully we'll trade once more in the future!