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Saturday, June 4, 2011

Trade With This Card Is Cool: Russell Martin Relics and Rookies

Hmmm. That sounds like an excellent title for a blog devoted wholly to Russell Martin. I'm copyrighting that. Not officially. Just in my own mind.

Russell Martin Relics and Rookies
© 2011 Gregory Zakwin

I sent Ryan from This Card Is Cool a Victor Martinez Ginter relic and some cards for his Leaders/Awards collection. He posted his end a while back. I had a Russell Martin relic coming my way, but unfortunately the big bad post office ate the package, and it was never delivered. Oh, and they refused to check in the back of the p.o. for me. Because so many of the people that work there are pompous assess.

But I'm straying off topic now, aren't I?

So Ryan sent me a new package, and he very generously sent me way more than was necessary. So next time we trade Ryan, you're picking at least one item from my Trade Bait on top of whatever else we agree to. Anyways, in the bubble mailer were these awesome additions to my Martin collection.

Two fantastic new relics. I love 'em so much, I'm showing each one again.

There were a few more Martins, but that wasn't all Ryan sent my way. Behold, two new Clayton Kershaws.

There were also six cards from something called Topps American Pie, circa 2001. I had never heard of - or seen cards from - this set prior to Ryan sending me them. But I must say, it's a very nice looking set. So nice, in fact, that I think I'll be chasing the Dodgers from the set.

Thanks for the great cards Ryan!


  1. Glad you like them, and that you finally got something in return! And that Operation Stardom set is really nice. I think you're pretty close to the team set on the American Pie, too! Thanks again!

  2. Just checked, and there are 11 Dodgers in the American Pie set. So I'm over half-way there thanks to you!

    And the Stardom is pretty sweet.

    Thanks again Ryan!