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Monday, August 1, 2011

Contest Winners? So Yeah, That's FINALLY Over.

So remember that contest I began back on the first of July? It's finally over.

Sorry about that.

I had a far busier month than I anticipated. Oh, and I'm lazy sometimes. Anyhoo, I truly appreciate everyone who participated in the contest, answered bonus questions, and played pimp. I picked up about 25 new followers and had what I'm sure was my best month ever on the blog in terms of page views and what not. This will definitely not be the last contest, and I can promise (probably, maybe, perhaps) that future contests will run smoother and not take forever. To put the length of this contest in perspective, when it began, I had a beard. It took so long, I was able to transition to creeper mustache and then no mustache.

So yeah.

Here are the screenshots of the three randomizations, and the winners.

# 1:

# 2:

# 3: (and the winners are....)

Wes and dawgbones! Congrats gentlemen, and now it's that time. Time to pick from the lovely prizes I have re-pictured below. Re-pictured isn't a word, is it? Oh well, that's why I'm a History major.

Wes, please pick between the Irvin and the Overmire. Then dawgbones, please pick between the two tobacco cards. Then Wes, one more selection is needed from you. Choose the scrub auto you'd like. I have both of your addresses, but if your address has changed, please let me know.

Thanks again everyone, hope you enjoyed the first of many (some) contests!


  1. Wow, cool, well, being a very common person myself, I'll take the speaker of the House of Commons... unless Wes really had his heart set on that one. Thanks for a GReat contest, and another notch in my contest belt!!

  2. I was going to say you win a lot of contests, but felt the obvious didn't need to be stated haha.

    WES! Winner winner, it's your time to shine.

  3. WOW!!! Super, Thanks Greg!!!!

    I would love the Irvin and the Campillo!!

    Thanks a ton

  4. Thanks gentlemen! I'll give you guys a heads-up when I get the cards sent out.