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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Contest Winnings From Phungo!

A while back, Phungo ran a Spot The Sig competition, which was loads of fun. My detective skills paid off, as I won said competition. And then I forgot about it. I had no idea there was a prize for winning until a week or so ago, when Team Phungo e-mailed me and told me I had won free stuff. Which is always a welcome e-mail to receive.

Without further adieu, my winnings:

Larry Sherry RC.

Black-bordered customs of my two favorite Phillies.

Sparkly Bills.

Some cool new Piazzas.

A new Kemp.

A new Russ Martin.

Team Phungo also knocked off five base cards from my 2011 Ginter needs and sent along a number of other cool cards, including some more customs of his.

Thanks for the STS contest and the winnings Phungo, I look forward to defending my title next year!

1 comment:

  1. Congratulations on a very well played STS! Glad I was able to find some stuff to add to the Plashke collection.

    I fully expect Spot the Sig! to return for another round in 2012.