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Friday, August 12, 2011

Trade With Scott Crawford On Cards!: '86-'87 Fleer and Black Diamonds

I completed my first trade with Scott Crawford of Scott Crawford On Cards!. In exchange for a lot of stuff, he sent these awesome cards my way. The trade took a while to finalize, but it was well worth it to trade with a fellow chaser of Brooklyn Dodgers vintage goodness.

My first three cards from this legendary set. Chocolate Thunder is always welcome in the Plaschke household. As a man who sometimes goes by White Shadow or Sterling Mallory Archer when I bowl, I can fully appreciate an awesome nickname when I come across one.

I've been chasing this Kershaw for ages. It is now finally mine, and brought along Braun - as well as Miguel Cabrera and Dustin Pedroia - as well.

Scott also sent along cards for a number of my smaller player collections, which are all appreciated.

Thanks for the great deal Scott, I look forward to trading again!


  1. No problem at all! You loaded me up with fun stuff, too!

  2. Sometimes nicknames are cool. Sometimes you get stuck with one that creates awkward situations, such as Spankee.

  3. Thanks again Scott!

    Spankee- I'm sure there's a simply lovely story behind that.