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Saturday, September 10, 2011

A Pair Of Rare-ish Rookie Parallel Pickups Staring Matt Kemp and Russell Martin

I found a pair of cheap rare-ish rookie parallels on the Bay, and was able to add them to my Matt Kemp and Russell Martin PCs for reasonable prices in separate auctions. First up, we'll start with The Bison and this beauty.

It's the white (and I guess rarest and most financially difficult to attain, according to COMC) parallel of Matty's 2006 Topps Turkey Red RC. I was able to land this sweet thing for $1.99 as the only bidder. But damn, Turkey Reds do not scan particularly well. Anyways, now we'll turn to Russ.

It's the Blue Parallel /499 of his 2005 Bowman's Best RC. My particular pickup is #'d 018/499, and ran me $2.88 as - once again - the only person to place a bid.

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