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Thursday, October 13, 2011

A Sweeeet Ryan Getzlaf Dominion Jersey Number Patch

I'm a huge hockey fan, and an Anaheim Ducks fan at that. My favorite player, bar none, is the exceptionally talented Ryan Getzlaf. I've been lucky enough to score some of Captain Getz's cards on the cheap, and will eventually devote an entire post to my Getzlaf PC. But for now, here's another single addition to that aforementioned collection.

This bad boy is from 2010-2011 Panini Dominion Hockey, one of the most high-end products you'll come across. I could never afford a box of this, nor would I want to shell out the cash for one, while we're on the subject (that I brought up to myself). I prefer to just pick up singles of the main guys I collect. Hence, this super sick Getzlaf patch, via the Bay, which ran me just the paltry sum of $5.25 shipped, with a winning bid of two dollars and a quarter. Yes indeedy, it cost more to ship than it did to win this fantastic card, which just so happens to be numbered 05/25 as well.

The patch comes from his jersey number, as the card so dutifully explains to me. I own a Getzlaf jersey, and after some research, I've determined that it comes from either the 1 or the 5 of Getz's number. That's right. It's a straight piece of patch, and both numbers of his number have straight portions to their existence.

No worries though. I'm just thrilled to own the card, and don't particularly need to know which number it came from to be happy with this fine patch.


  1. Very sweet purchase...on the cheap too, I like it..

  2. That's outstanding at that price.

  3. Thanks! I was thrilled it was so damn cheap.