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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

An On-Card Jerry Sands XFractor Rookie Autograph

Not a terribly creative title, I know. Anyhoo, Jerry Sands needs to be starting next year. With Juan Rivera's ridiculous signing, it looks as though that will not happen, as of now. Regardless, I will continue to collect Jerry's cards when I can score them at a great price, and that's exactly how this awesome XFractor Auto - #'d  159/299 - came into my possession.

I was able to land this off of the Bay for roughly the price of a couple of packs of cards and some change, give or take a few cents (or dollars, depending on what packs we're hypothetically talking about). I love XFractor autos, and this marks my second. I'd love to pick up another copy or two of this card, as I'm a sucker for on-card rookie autographs. The fact that Topps chose a great shot of Jerry and pictured him in his old number serve as the sweet icing on the already delicious cake.


The Lost Collector said...

Good looking card!

Jesse said...

Nice, I gotta get the other 4 variations

Greg Zakwin said...

Indeed A.J.!

And Jesse, you and I both!