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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

An On-Card Jerry Sands XFractor Rookie Autograph

Not a terribly creative title, I know. Anyhoo, Jerry Sands needs to be starting next year. With Juan Rivera's ridiculous signing, it looks as though that will not happen, as of now. Regardless, I will continue to collect Jerry's cards when I can score them at a great price, and that's exactly how this awesome XFractor Auto - #'d  159/299 - came into my possession.

I was able to land this off of the Bay for roughly the price of a couple of packs of cards and some change, give or take a few cents (or dollars, depending on what packs we're hypothetically talking about). I love XFractor autos, and this marks my second. I'd love to pick up another copy or two of this card, as I'm a sucker for on-card rookie autographs. The fact that Topps chose a great shot of Jerry and pictured him in his old number serve as the sweet icing on the already delicious cake.