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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Trade With 7 Hours From Tampa Bay: My First Dee Gordon Auto Yields A Trifecta, A Massive Amount of 2011 A&G, and Some English Aristocracy

I completed my first trade with Simon from 7 Hours From Tampa Bay. Simon posted a box break, and I was very interested in the card you'll soon see below. After a few e-mails back and forth, Simon and I came to an agreement on an awesome trade. I sent him a chunk of 1968 Topps Game cards he needed in his efforts to complete that set, as well as three autos and the 2011 Ginter N43 I pulled in my box break earlier this year. The centerpiece of the deal for me is this absolute beauty:

Oh snap! I've been after a Devaris Strange-Gordon auto for quite some time, and I'm thrilled to add this on-card and shiny bad boy to my collection. It's the refractor version of his RC autograph, #'d 128/499. It also completes my Gordon Trifecta.

Simon also tossed in the base version of Dee's RC and Andre Ethier's base card.

Before I get to just how much 2011 Ginter Simon knocked out, I'd like to point out that this marks the furthest one of my trade packages has traveled, as Simon resides in jolly old England. Which allows me to include the wonderfully amazing clips above and below.

Anyhoo, moving on as we flourish the pinkie.

Simon sent along a slew of 2011 Allen & Ginter needs. Getting specific, his bubbler included one Animal in Peril, one Ascent of Man, eight Hometown Heroes, and fifty-four base cards, five of which are SPs. My remaining '11 Ginter needs have been updated accordingly.

Thanks for the absolutely fantastic trade Simon! Do I hope we deal again? YEEEESSSSSS!

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