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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Trade With Card Buzz: Matt Kemp 2011 Panini Black Friday Special Edition

I completed my first trade with Laurens from Card Buzz. As I don't buy boxes outside of one box of Ginter a year - and perhaps a couple of minor league, high-hit products - I wasn't going to get my hands on any of the Panini Black Friday Special Edition packs. On top of that, my LCS wasn't participating in the promotion, though of course that point was moot considering I wouldn't have bought a box anyways. I kept my Black Friday card purchases to singles only, as per usual. Laurens did break a pack, and pulled a card I knew I had to have.

A quick pair of e-mails and we had a deal in the books. The picture Panini chose isn't great by any measure, but it's a new Matt Kemp (and limited, I suppose), so I can't complain. Laurens also sent along a few assorted Dodgers.

Thanks for the new Kemp and the trade Laurens!


  1. DAAAAMMMN! That's a beautiful card.

  2. Looks like I have to find a different Dodgers collector to trade mine to...

  3. Indeed DB!

    Rhubarb- I'd guess Night Owl might need it....