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Friday, December 9, 2011

Trade With Coot Veal and the Vealtones: Rasmus, Withrow, and A Slew Of Kemps and Martins

I completed my first trade with Dustin, who runs Coot Veal and the Vealtones. I spotted a card I was interested in, and after a few e-mails we had worked out a great trade.

The Colby Rasmus auto above is what started this deal off. I've wanted a Rasmus auto for a while, and now I don't have to troll eBay to find an affordable one. I love me some minor league signatures, though TriStar could have used a better pen on this one.

Next up, Dustin offered up this minor league auto of Chris Withrow. It's my second Withrow autograph, both stickers. I love Chris' signature; very clean and very, very legible. Also, he spells out his entire name, a true rarity nowadays.

My Kemp and Martin PCs were greatly bolstered, with some sweet additions (three Mattys and seven Russes [Russii?]). My favorite of the bunch is the Kemp RC above. I think it's some sort of foil parallel. Either way, I've listed it as such. My collection now features over 140 unique Kemp cards and over 170 unique Martins.

Dustin also knocked off four cards I needed in my quest to complete 2004 Fleer Platinum. If anyone can help me there, drop me a line! There was so much more in the massive bubbler I received, from Jay Bruce to Campy to a number of the other guys I collect. If I could scan it all, I would. But I'm lazy.

Thanks Dustin!


  1. Glad you liked the cards, man. I think the Kemp is from UD's Chrome-wannabe set: Special F/X

  2. Thanks for the info. Your cards hit the post office today! Thanks again for the great trade!