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Monday, December 19, 2011

A Viking and An Aussie Walk Into A Bar....

A pair of recent-ish pickups from my LCS's eBay store. They were too cheap to pass up, and though I had originally expected to toss 'em both up as Trade Bait, I think I might just keep them, as they've sort of grown on me due to being awesome and ridiculously cheap.

First up, a sweet jersey swatch of one of the best backs and players in the NFL, Adrian Peterson. It's serial-numbered 054/299, and ran me a buck and four pennies.

The second of the two additions, and it's #'d 55/99. I picked it up for a cool 99 cents. My shop mentioned there was a small crease above Emerson's head extending vertically, but it's barely noticeable in-hand, and not at all when scanned. I knew nothing of Roy Emerson prior to picking up this autograph of his, and hell, I had never even heard his name before. As the back of the card tells me, he "won 28 major titles in his esteemed career, a men's record", and those wins include 12 Grand Slam singles titles. Nice.